Life-journey is very fast. The distance that has to be covered to reach the win-post of life-journey is very long and high. So all have to run faster and drive faster. The way is congested and blocked with traffic and there is a competition and hurry in all to reach the win-post of life-journey. Therefore all drive, run and gallop fast and swiftly without resting and without thinking about others. But pause for a while and think for a while that there are several other disables, cripples, weaklings and innocents on the way. You, your life-vehicle may run over them and may destroy them if you are towards the win-post of life-journey only with selfishness, but without carefulness about others. So, while running, driving and galloping towards the win-post of life-journey, please think for a moment about others and try to minimize the harm that others get because of you.

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