I am just like a seed of mustard on the earth as compared to the universe. But I tried to understand the universe. The universe is as deep as the deepest ocean. But the deepest ocean starts from the shallow sea or the shore and goes deeper and deeper. So, I also started from the shallow sea or the shore and go forward little by little and step by step. We will see whether I am successful or not in understanding the universe. So, please you will be with me with patience and support along this difficult path. It is the great help that you can do for me as human-beings.

I am a Sri Lankan and a born Buddhist. But I respect all four main religions, Islam, Catholicism or Christianity, Buddhism and Hinduism evenly since my childhood. I have many, many, many things to write about my childhood, teenage period, youth and middle-age. But I am not going to write them all at right now. I hope to start from a point by where my life turned towards a very special and new direction.

It was later part of 1989. At that time I was a second year university student at the University of Peradeniya in Sri Lanka who was following a special degree course in Botany. According to my understanding I was a clever student in the batch. And also, I was a good sportsman who engaged in extra-curricular activities. I was a twenty five years old youth at that time. This time was a terror-stricken period and Sri Lanka was politically in a terror. Democracy and peace had vanished. There was an armed-struggle between the government side and the members of a leading communist party. Thousands of people from both sides were tortured, slaughtered and burnt on roads. Many university students were also tortured and slaughtered. It was also very dangerous to go out of homes. Our studies were collapsed and our second year was elongated for four years. Universities were opened and closed from time to time without studies.

During the time that I am talking about in 1989, the universities were closed and I was at home. One day during this time I went to a circuit bungalow of one of my best friends who was a surveyor, which was situated in a lonely place. I stayed few days there and I read some of Buddhist holy books during my stay there. One day evening, I felt devotional feelings and emotions deeply and I was automatically started to subject to a very strange and miraculous process of spiritual experiences. I had been subjected to this strange and miraculous process of spiritual experiences for two days continuously. I faced and experienced many wonderful and miraculous spiritual experiences during this process of two days. (I hope to explain about this strange and miraculous process of spiritual experiences completely and in detail to you in the future). After continuous two days of these spiritual experiences, I was back with my normal routines except I allocated one hour for my religious activities. After these spiritual experiences, I felt happier and lighter than before.

After this strange and miraculous process of spiritual experiences, I experienced some special amazing spiritual experiences continuously from time to time and knowledge about the universe, universal laws, universal truths, universal theories, human mind and human behaviors came to my mind freely like a flow of water stream. But I allowed all these things to be as they were and I led my normal life. I experienced very special spiritual signs or very bright, luminous small light stars like a very tiny, bright sun in my mental eye and in front of my naked eyes at some special occasions after above mentioned process. (I hope to explain about these special spiritual signs to you in the future).

At the beginning of 1990, the government crushed the armed struggle by force and by destroying the leaders and many members of the above mentioned leading communist party. As soon as the government won the struggle, all universities in Sri Lanka were opened and after a certain period of study-leave, the relevant examinations were held. I also sat for my second year examination. Later I came to know that I got through the examination well. After the above examination I stayed at the hostel of the university and was preparing for my degree research under the supervision of the relevant professor. I studied text books and other study materials and was planning for my research. This was May of 1990.

On 8th May 1990, when I was in the campus hostel I felt devotional feelings and emotions deeply (during this period also I had allocated one hour per day for my religious activities) and I wrote a very special letter containing some kinds of spiritual matters and some kinds of prophesies due to a spontaneous prompt which came from within me. ( I hope to forward that letter to you in the future and I still have a copy of that letter with me). Then I posted copies of this letter to several batch-mates of mine. With that the troublesome, adverse, severe and difficult period started. The university was opened for studies and my third academic year started. I faced many severe troubles, insults, misunderstandings, underestimations and discriminations due to that letter among my batch-mates. My mind got little unbalance due to this situation and this situation became more and more severe day by day. I was little out of my studies due to this situation. Finally this negative, bad situation led me to commit a severe, unfortunate and absurd offence. (I hope to explain and forward all these things in detail to you in the future). With that I was put into a hell of a situation which can’t be explained by words and I happened to face the most troublesome, the most severe, the most adverse, the most difficult and the most unfortunate period of time in my life which can’t be explained by words. (I hope to explain these things in detail to you in the future). But I faced all these things humbly with patience and indifference. It took a long time to finish this troublesome, severe, adverse, difficult and unfortunate period.