The mind is the fountain that gives rise to the flow of thinking or thoughts. This flow of thinking or thoughts which originates from mind is unshaped, uncontrolled, un-tuned and endless. At most of the time it is un-aimed. This flow is perfectly a creative energy. And also may be a destructive energy depending on its applications. This flow of thinking or thoughts that arises from the mind can definitely be shaped, controlled, tuned and aimed and then turned into an unaffected and untainted flow by taming in your heart to irrigate your surroundings and for the use of your surroundings whatever it is. These surroundings of yours may be yourself alone, your family, your neighbors, your relations, your working staff, your villagers, your colleagues, your nation, your countrymen or broadly all human-population or all human-beings on the earth depending on yourself. Your surroundings may be broader than these. New, modern and beautiful creations, crafts, things spontaneously arise from this shaped, controlled, tuned, aimed and also unaffected and untainted flow of thinking or thoughts. And also someone may be able to turn this flow into a flow of holy-water from which outcasts, disables, the suffering lot and those who seeking salvation or spiritual liberation can dip or moisten their tired, exhausted feet. And another one may be able to turn this flow into a cataclysm or the world’s end. The future of human-beings depends on the way of turning of this flow of thinking or thoughts. (It depends on whether this is used as a creative energy or destructive energy). The final decision is in the hand of man who owns the mind.

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