I am just like a seed of mustard on the earth as compared to the universe. But I tried to understand the universe. The universe is as deep as the deepest ocean. But the deepest ocean starts from the shallow sea or the shore and goes deeper and deeper. So, I also started from the shallow sea or the shore and go forward little by little and step by step. We will see whether I am successful or not in understanding the universe. So, please you will be with me with patience and support along this difficult path. It is the great help that you can do for me as human-beings.
I am a Sri Lankan and a born Buddhist. But I respect all four main religions, Islam, Catholicism or Christianity, Buddhism and Hinduism evenly since my childhood. I have many, many, many things to write about my childhood, teenage period, youth and middle-age. But I am not going to write them all at right now. I hope to start from a point by where my life turned towards a very special and new direction.



Revelations Through Dreams


The Virtual Reality


Holy Books