Human brothers and sisters, a divine-plan for a new age of human-beings on the earth exists in the universe which has been set by universal spiritual masters or divine masters of the universe. This divine-plan is fixed and no any human-being can change or vary this divine-plan by a single atom or a single energy wave. That is true and definite. This divine-plan is already active and goes on gradually and systematically. Wisdom, knowledge, love, spiritual energy, powers of higher vibration, higher dimensional powers and universal super powers filtrate and enter into human minds first and then into astral-bodies of human-beings changing the appearance and texture of the physical bodies of human-beings. The outer appearance of the earth also will change due to this divine-plan. Innumerable numbers of universal spiritual masters or divine masters are active on this divine-plan and they are supervising and handling this divine-plan towards the target. As human-beings, it is our duty to get ready for this new age and to try for making relationships and links with these universal spiritual masters or divine masters through proper ways and for getting information about this divine-plan. If you, any human-being try hard and properly, you will definitely be successful. The divine-plan is true, definite, excellent, perfect and real.

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