Patience is a good, high, superior and noble quality of humanity. If you can always be patient without any limit under any circumstances, the victory will always be with you definitely and you will never be defeated. If you can always be patient, you will win the world with everything you wish and the consolation and peace will be always with you. But if you lose patience easily, you will lose everything you own and wish and the defeat and regret or repent will always be with you. The more you lose patience, the more you get defeat and regret or repent. The less you lose patience, the less you get defeat and regret or repent. The more you will be patient, the more you get victory, consolation and peace. Patience is not the timidity and patience also must not be the timidity or weakness. If your patience is weak, narrow and low, you must grow and improve your patience little by little, step by step, day by day with a proper patience and a wakeful or woken up mind. Finally you will definitely have a high and strong patience and you will win the world well and everything you wish will be at your foot. If your patience is broad and strong everybody and the whole world love you and you will be contented. So, all of us will always try to be patient at all the time.

Then the world will be more beautiful, comfortable and peaceful than this.  

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