When you stay, live, work, move, associate and unite together with human-butchers, human-slaughters and human-prosecutors for various kinds of purposes, who kill, slaughter or prosecute their own human-beings either through physically or specially through mentally, verbally or spiritually, your creative energy definitely gets spoilt and you lose your creative energy gradually and moreover you will get delayed in your spiritual odyssey. So, you should try to escape from those kinds of human-butchers, human-slaughters and human-prosecutors as much as possible and if you happened to stay, live, work, move, associate and unite together with them accidentally, unexpectedly, unfortunately and temporarily, you must be with them intelligently and wisely without absorbing, getting, taking, imitating or picking any unusual, abnormal, improper, absurd, unsuitable things, attitudes and facts which disturb your spiritual odyssey or spoil your creative energy until your time together with them finishes and as soon as your time together with them finishes you must get or reach into your normal, targeted way as like as a hard, good rubber-ball remains under water until it is kept under pressure without any changing and it comes out to the topĀ  of water as soon as it is released from that pressure.

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