01. When you make a deal with anybody or of any kind or at anytime or at anywhere, first you check or come to know all the requirements for the deal and the nature of the deal and whether the deal is appropriate or not and all the conditions for the deal and post-dealing situations and your payment of any kind (may be money, time, labor, movable or immovable property, life, material or immaterial thing and etc.) for the deal. And then decide whether the deal will be done or not. If decided to be done, initially fulfill or complete all the pre-dealing requirements and conditions. And then do make the deal. As soon as the deal is done or completed, make sure or confirm to yourself and the other part of the deal that your payment for the deal already paid and the deal is wholly completed and be attentive and keen on post-dealing situations. If you fulfill each and every fact above mentioned that related to a deal, you will be successful in your deal of any. But if you miss any one of them, you will face many unnecessary problems after the deal and later solutions may not be successful and may be late.

02. If you arrived a new or strange environment of people of any kind, first you light or ignite the observant eyes of yours and observe all the natures of each and every being calmly, patiently, intelligently, widely, correctly and quietly without hurry.  But must be careful not to reach any of beings or people hurriedly, forcibly or unnaturally for a close-association or not to expose yourself (how you are, who you are, what you are) to any of beings or people in the new or strange environment. It would be successful only for a short, temporary period of time and definitely it will give rise to unnecessary and unpleasant post-situations in results. And also some beings or people in this new or strange environment may try to reach you for a close-association in various ways and in various disguises. Be very, very careful of such creatures. They may try to mislead you, misuse you, mishandle you, make use from you, make you into troubles or they may try to probe, cut, dissect you and then make you naked into public. While avoiding both kinds of things those from within you and from outside beings or people in the new or strange environment and while surviving and establishing yourself in the new or strange environment, you, your mind should observe, identify, recognize and realize each and every being of the new or strange environment by their each and every real nature and then sort out, select and act on and move with them appropriately. But never try to differentiate Blacks and Whites of any being purposely or deliberately. When you follow the above mentioned process completely and successfully, Blacks and Whites will be separated automatically and definitely you will be able to succeed the new or strange environment properly.

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