01. Any disappointment must be accepted with indifference calmly, meekly and neutrally and you must try again properly.

02. Day to day warnings (Revelations through dreams):- You must never face any attack openly and directly because you may have much disaster or destruction on you. This is actually not the timidity or the lack of personality, but the maturity and the wisdom. Instead of directly and openly facing, you must elude the attack of any kind and allow it to be weak. Then you should counteract it by side. Thus you will definitely be able to reach the victory or the final target successfully without getting any fail, harm, disaster or destruction. This is not only common or applicable to physical matters, but also common and applicable to thoughts, feelings or emotions of any kind. This is to your own thoughts, feelings or emotions or to the thoughts, feelings or emotions of others. Here you must elude and allow to weaken the thoughts, feelings or emotions of yourself or others and counteract them by side with opposite thoughts, feelings or emotions as hate or hatred with loving-kindness or universal love, pride or arrogance with meekness, selfishness with selflessness, desire or stinginess or covetousness with generosity, jealousy with happiness of others happiness or delight, anger with patience, excitement with calmness, cruelty with kindness, lustfulness or libido with wisdom and so on.

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