Inside enemies are more dangerous than outside enemies. Inside enemies are of two kinds. The first kind of inside enemies is bad, wrong, absurd, unpleasant, harmful, unholy and negative human qualities like mental hunger, anger, grudge, malice, wrath, animosity, resentment, hostility, malevolence, fire of hatred, thought of revenge, pride, arrogance, jealousy, envy, selfishness, cruelty, violence and impatience. These are the most dangerous enemies of yours. These enemies destroy you from within you. You can never even identify them until they destroy you completely because they themselves hide within you. So, you must be especially careful of these enemies. The second kind of inside enemies is physical, individual enemies who are very close to you and who behave as your best friends although they are enemies. These enemies undermine you and destroy you completely. Therefore, you must be very careful of these enemies. Becoming friends into enemies is more dangerous than all. These enemies know everything about you and the weaknesses of yours well. Therefore they can easily destroy you. So, you must be very careful about such enemies. Converting enemies into friends is the better thing that you can do. By this you will be able to win the world gradually. If you do never have any enemy, that is the best thing that you can attain.

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