During your whole journey through human society or human community you may meet and find thousands and thousands of or as many as different kinds, types, sorts of women with different shapes and features of physical, mental and spiritual those who belong to various categories and various levels of respective thoughts, emotions, feelings, attitudes, needs, desires, hungers, characteristics and symptoms of physical, physiological, sexual, mental, psychological, social, astrological, spiritual and universal that you can never be able to count. But for you, only one woman should be trusted. And that woman also must be tested properly, accurately and wholly. Perhaps you may find or meet that perfect woman. Whether you found or met that perfect woman or not, you must complete your journey through human society or human community while succeeding spiritual odyssey and achieving the spiritual targets. But you must co-operate, collaborate, work and be friendly with each and every and all women you meet and find during your journey through human society or human community with sharp limits and restrictions while observing, penetrating and defining their respective physical, mental, astrological, spiritual and universal shapes, features, categories, levels and characteristics properly, accurately, wholly and purely only with your third eye or mind. It will be a good lesson for your understanding and a great precaution for unnecessary, tedious and time-wasting things, matters, problems, incidents and troubles and as well as it will be a one of best ways of learning human nature.

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